Last Sunday when some of our friend gathered for party we did a lot of fun. Some of them were talking about the pokies. By evening I all was at home, sitting all alone I was feeling bored so I went for the search of certain which would help me to get rid of my loneliness. By the suggestion of my friend I went for the game which really helped me a lot was Cash Crazy. Most of the ladies also use to go through this. I thought it would be the tough for me but I could not find such. At first I went for the tutorial and user guide which was much beneficial for me to go on with.Talking about this one, it is featured with reels and one line of pay with a good review. This is developed by the micro-gaming which is very easy to access. The interface of this one is full of many wild scattered symbols, multipliers, jackpot etc which a user can use it for win. The theme is not so well developed because this does not have any round of bonus or any such. The graphics is quite pleasing one and the background sound track will not allow you to peep out of this.

The name of this one is used for the character used in it, who is a scientist who behaves himself as if he has gone mad. This provides the option of betting either you go for a single coin or can go with double coins concurrently. The property which makes it much better than any other to make a try because it is good for the gamblers who don’t want to make the bet with much amount, he can go for mid range or lower one. The simple thing which a player has to do is to make a fit combination of the symbols which comes in the reels of the slot lines. It contains many animated icons such as bars of many colors, cherries etc. The range of the waging is $0.25 to $10 per spin. As you proceed in the rounds, here comes out the biggest stage which is of jackpot which is of about 1,600 credits. I was for fortunate that I won it during my first attempt which made me very happy. If you are looking a game which can be played through small waging too then you should go for the cash crazy.