In case you thought there was only one type of roulette, here you will see all its variations.

Nowadays the game of roulette has acquired a lot of variations, especially if you talk about the versions that are available on the web; thanks to the particular creations of the casino developers you can watch miniature slot machines and roulettes. Then you can find out about the types of roulettes that exist, probably some already know them for being traditional but you will also find out about the new versions available on the web. In addition, you will have the opportunity to enjoy some of them without downloading or registering, with one click you can start playing as it is also free.

Since technology involves day to day, you will first find out everything about these online versions which are becoming increasingly popular among betting lovers and novices who arrive at these games by mere chance.

The first is “Triple Bonus Spin”, this game works with IGT, just like Mr. Green. Of this, there are numerous versions including one that takes by the name “DoubleBonus Spin”. There are many more platforms, software and casinos. Regarding the performance of Triple Bonus, the bet remains and appears for free in three turns and you can keep what you win when the ball reaches the “bonus” slot. Under regular European standards, this can be an advantage. Anyway, the wheel contains enough additional spaces for this box to maintain possibilities in favor of the casinos. The Triple Bonus Spin Roulette has a box 0, a 00, a 000 and the bonus box, this to reduce quite drastically the odds for conventional bets such as Red / Black.

The Playtech casinos offer you Marvel-Roulette, it has several Marvel characters like Spiderman and Hulk; this is a jackpot game. To see a full-size version, click on the image on the right.

In the additional space “Marvel” you can receive a bonus round if the ball lands on it. The Spiderman character has the highest payout with 100x of the original bet in the bonus round that takes place with a slot game where the reels are based on Marvel characters. But, in addition to that, there is the possibility of winning a juicy progressive jackpot with many different casinos that add up to the total amount of the jackpot. Although as expected, the chances of winning the progressive jackpot are very few.

The next example on the right is from Betfair, many of the online casinos offer their own version of a multi-wheeled roulette game. You can observe 6 separate wheels in this case, but in other cases, there will only be one wheel with two additional numerical tracks around, therefore there would be three in total. The truth is that there are many different games of multiple wheels.

In Betfair, you must bet on each wheel at the same time, so if you bet € 1 on Red, you will place a total of € 6, £ 1 for each of the wheels. Multi-roulette roulettes are not a favorite among veterans because there is no real way to manage money or use a strategy. But the positive side is that it is offered for free in many casinos, so you can always try it for yourself and make your own decision about this version.

On the other hand, a quite peculiar version is the “Mini Roulette”, this can be found in the Net Entertainment and Playtech casinos. It is a miniature version, as its name clearly indicates. This has only 13 boxes: one zero, six black and six red. Payments are also reduced as well as the size (Straight Up pays 11: 1 instead of 35: 1). If it is a bit boring, this could be a good alternative to have fun.

Finally, in this list, you have live roulettes that were born thanks to the players began to question that the results of the games were unbiased. Although it can be shown that the results are not manipulated (read why in Myths and Fallacies), the online casinos devised this version to put an end to this fear of the players and thus generate more confidence in them.

In this game, you use a real wheel, a table, a ball and a croupier that is presented through a high definition webcam connection to have a fairly clear picture. You can see what is happening at all times and place bets by clicking on the table during the allowed betting time before the wheel turns.

After exposing the modern versions, you will know the traditional versions of the game of roulette, there are three.

French Roulette

French is the game that the vast majority wants to play because of all the variants of roulette; this is where you have the best chances even if you talk about casual bets. In the same way that European Roulette there is only one square zero, but any losing bet pays half.

So, if I made a bet of £ 10 on Red and hit 0, you would get £ 5 back. It is certainly not a victory, but it is certainly a good consolation and better than a loss. When you play for the first time, it will probably take a while to get used to it because the writing is in French and the design of the table is unique. The design of the table is unique. It is really difficult to find this game in a real casino outside France because the vast majority only offers the United States or Europe.

American Roulette

The American version of the game has an additional slot in the wheel, 00, but the payments are still the same, which results in the advantage of the house rising to 5.26%, one of the highest that can be found in any traditional casino game.

This American roulette can be found in all the casinos of the United States of America, in the same way, you can find them in the highest level casinos in London. Taking into account the greater probabilities, it is not recommended to play this variant of the wheel unless you have no other alternative, for example, if you are on vacation and the only game offered is the American. When it comes to playing online, there are many European and French alternatives available in all casinos with a good reputation, so playing the American game lacks a bit of sense.

The European Roulette.

This is the most common variation of roulette found both online and in many real casinos throughout Europe (its name indicates it completely). It has a single zero that results in a house advantage of 2.7%, which is considerably lower than the American game and therefore much less dangerous to your pocket.

Some European games have a “Hippodrome” that contains special bets, such as Voisins Du Zero and Orphelins.

The idea of ​​this article is that it will be very helpful if you are thinking about starting with casino games. Here it is shown that thanks to technology, you can even do it from the comfort of your home; although if you are one of those people who like to interact with others, using the traditional versions is the best option for you. It’s all about having fun and earning a little money.

It is also important to remember that excesses are never good, so you should place your bets with awareness and responsibility, always taking into account that neither you nor your family will be harmed.