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Beauty – ULTRA Sound at The Four Seasons Beverly Hills Spa

By Nora Zelevansky

There are average skincare treatments and, then, there are ULTRA facials. Just ask The Four Seasons Beverly Hills Spa: For awards season, they’ve launched new signature services like the jam-packed Regenerating Facial, which combines cutting-edge anti-aging sound wave treatments administered via a special aesthetic …

Mondette Notes – Art on Sunglasses, New Theme Juice Bar Opens, and Naomi in Trouble

Berlin-based sunglass label Mykita collaborates with artist Agathe Snow, just in time for her Guggenheim Berlin show. The shades are amazing! / Cool Hunting
“A Typical Conversation With Mom” is such a funny animated video. Everyone can relate / I Love You…
The fare at just-opened Liquid New Theme Juice