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What’s Up Mondette – Win A Pair Of Tickets To See Henry Jaglom’s Cult Classic “Eating” At The American Cinematheque

We love the American Cinematheque. Not only do they screen movies you can’t catch anywhere else, they also have great 4-hour workshops about filmmaking as well as A-list talent for their Q&A’s. On Wednesday, September 7, at 7:30, at their Aero Theater (1328 Montana Ave in Santa Monica), …

Mondette Weekly Roundup – Rosario Dawson At Kitson, Gourmet Sandwiches At ink.sack, Watts Tower Trip, and more

Mya Stark of Cinefamily looks adorable in this picture / Rosewood+Martel
I’m hitting new restaurant Mohawk Bend next week and I can’t wait / Effie+Lucile
Rosario Dawson was at the G-Star event last night / Blackburn+Sweetzer
The gourmet sandwiches at Venice Beach Wines look tasty / Electric+Brooks…
There was some

Mondette Weekly Roundup – Two Great Art Exhibits on the Westside, Shay Todd Opens, Skingraft’s New Collection, and more

Enjoy a great dinner and some wonderful art at Santa Monica’s restaurant Upper West / Electric+Brooks
Shay Todd is open on Melrose, glam up your swimwear! / Blackburn+Sweetzer
I have to agree with Lilliam, Skingraft’s new collection is a stunner. / Rosewood+Martel…
The Flying Pig has landed in Little Tokyo, successfully.

Films – Potter Fans Flock to Theaters for a Final Piece of Movie Magic

(From left: Three girls with homemade costumes representing Luna Lovegood, Hedwig, and the Gryffindor lion. All images by author.)

Last Thursday at midnight, the final Harry Potter movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,  Part 2 played on more than 3,800 screens around the US. Hundreds of thousands of die-hard …

Mondette Weekly Roundup – Thread Show Giveaway, Hats At Goorin Brothers, Sigerson Morrison To Close, and more

Enter to win free tickets to the Thread Show / Blackburn+Sweetzer
Look fabulously chic with the help of Goorin Brothers / Rosewood+Martel
Mondette contributor Dan pledges allegiance to the Papaya King / Rosewood+Martel
The views are insane at the Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards / Electric+Brooks…
Sigerson Morrison is set

Mondette Notes – Cat Hair Jewelry, Recycled Bridesmaid Dresses, Alpha Moving, Mixed-Use Movietown Plaza Renderings, and more

This has been making the rounds—jewelry made from cat hair—would you wear it? / Ecouterre; pictured
Good idea, site that recycles bridesmaid dresses for credit/discount toward other dresses / The Cut
Black Cat Bakery is now serving dinner, check the menu / GrubStreetLA…
Alpha is moving into the former

Mondette Weekly Roundup – Lindy & Grundy Opens, Delicious Fake Tuna Melts, Moschino’s Fun Collection, and more

I almost want to get pregnant just to buy this stroller / Blackburn+Sweetzer
My meat intake is going to increase with the opening of Lindy & Grundy / Rosewood+Martel
I’m with Tasha in regards to “fake” food, but this vegan tuna melt is worth a try / Blackburn+Sweetzer…
Yogala’s take

Mondette Notes – Coachella Fashion, Malibu Inn’s Makeover, Chairs Galore at Escuela Taqueria, and more

Meet filmmaker Richard Linklater at the Cinefamily this Saturday / Rosewood+Martel
I might not make it to Coachella, but this Baja pullover might make it into my summer wardrobe / All the Rage…
I admit it’s a bit of a haul, but I think I have to check out the