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Inner Circle, Handbag Designer Clare Vivier and Gallery Owner Heather Taylor

Birds of a feather, as they say. This is certainly the case with good friends Clare Vivier and Heather Taylor. Artistic, fashion-minded, and with enviably stamp-filled passports, these two will make you long to be part of their vibrant inner circle. We’ve been following Clare’s ascent as a formidable handbag …

Portraits – Henri Myers and and Lisa Elliot-Rosas of COEUR

(From left: Henri Myers and Lisa Elliot-Rosas)

Occupation: Founders of COEUR, a new gift and accessories trade show premiering on October 17- 19. (They’re also the brainchild behind eM Productions, a full-service fashion, sales, press and production company.)

Address: The Cooper Building, 860 S Los Angeles Street, 11th floor;

Mondette Notes – Parkinson Sees White, Solo Show For Preez And Jones, and First Efforts To Get McQueen Show to Travel

Lilliam is loving Ted Baker’s new collection, including a fabulous blazer for women! / Blackburn+Sweetzer
Gregory Parkinson’s Spring 2012 collection is practically all white. This is new territory for the LA-based designer, and he masters it beautifully. /…; pictured
The surreal photography artwork by Warren du Preez and Nick

Mondette Weekly Roundup – Ethereal Black For Fall, Ted Baker’s Latest Collection, Community & Co. To Open, and more

Love the beautiful and eery fashion shot by Christina this month / Electric+Brooks
Bottega Louie in Downtown LA looks like a pastry haven / Effie+Lucile
For our JC Report column, we cover the luxurious side of LA’s fashion world / Rosewood+Martel…
Ted Baker is designing some great floral print tops

Portraits – Justin Rice and Kagan Taylor of The Knowhow Shop

(Justin, left, with Kagan)

Occupation: Architects, craftsmen

Address: 6019 Echo Street, Los Angeles, CA 90042;

Why we like them: There are actually three architects that comprise the Knowhow Shop, a co-op that offers diverse wood design/build classes as well as the option to rent space so you can do-it-yourself. …

Mondette Notes – New Virtual Shopping Methods, Tom Ford’s Beauty Line, Venice Art Crawl’s One Year Anniversary, and more

Online and conventional shopping merge more and more. Here’s a great article about the latest developments! / JC Report
I think I might have to follow Lilliam’s lead and buy one of those wind-up singing bird at Pygmy Hippo Shoppe. / Rosewood+Martel…
It’s the one year anniversary of Venice Art