Arts – Three New Exhibits To Check Out At LACMA

(One of my favorite pieces by Pattsi Valdez)

This weekend, LACMA debut two new exhibits, “Asco: Elite of the Obscure, A Retrospective, 1972-1987″ and Edward Keinholtz’s “Five Car Stud.” My favorite time to hit the museum is on Friday, after 6pm. Parking is free at the museum and with proof of residency, entrance is free. The space is usually empty and quiet, which adds to the eery “Five Car Stud” display of racial hatred in the form of a  life-size tableau of a black man being “punished” by white men. Cars are arranged to highlight the gruesome scene. It’s very spooky, disturbing, and very voyeuristic. Sorry, no images but on display until January 15. The “Asco” retrospective may not be as disturbing but still powerful in covering the local Chicano conceptual group. (Also, take a look at artist Ai Weiwei’s astrological works after the jump.)

(Part of Asco’s exhibit by artist Gronk)

I’m not really that familiar with Asco. (I did write about artist Pattsi Valdez in my previous life as editor of Latina magazine.) The exhibit covers many different mediums, including short films, performance pieces held throughout the city, and the cool costumes they invented. If you want to get a little dose of conceptual art history, you should check this out before it ends on December 4.

(The Zodiac Project by Ai Weiwei)

(What sign are you?)

And finally, artist Ai Weiwei’s new public works can be found outside of the North Piazza. The “Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads” weight a ton and are huge. You can stand right in front of your sign and take a picture. I love the monkey sign. The sculptures will be on display until February 12.

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