Real Estates – Rumored Development At Sunset Junction

(The strip rumored to be affected. Image via Yelp.)

A little birdie (read: a shop owner) in the 4100 block of Santa Monica just informed me that effective early September all of those shops along that stretch will be closed to make room for a housing development. Has anyone else heard about this? We’re trying to verify. The block is just southwest of the junction and home to Kelly Green, Launderette by Zachary Smile, and Bepop Vintage. Another change to that famed intersection will happen at the now closed laundromat next door to Le Bar. Planned for that location is another coffee shop. Perhaps not all that surprisingly, many of the loyal Silver Lakers were unaware of this impending change. Want to find out more information or voice your opinion? Head to the Silverlake Neighborhood Council website and check out their next meeting.

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