Beauty – A Scrub And Soak at Hankook Sauna

(You’ll find free parking with a security guard at the Hankook Sauna)

I recently took advantage of a rare day off and decided to take myself to the Hankook Sauna, 3121 W. Olympic Boulevard, for a few hours. In Southern California, there are an abundance of spas to relax and unwind in, one of my personal favorites being Glen Ivy Day Spa in Corona. Yet, I could not spare  the time and gas to the drive out to Orange County. A girlfriend that dances professionally had taken me to Hankook Sauna, a women’s only Korean public bath house, a few years back for a quick body scrub. It was local, inexpensive, and one of the best treatments that I have ever had. Hankook Sauna is the place to go to relax. (A look at current deals and more after the jump.)

(Some of their specials from the Hankook website)

Bathing and scrubbing in public bathhouses is a long-standing tradition among the Korean women as they take to the waters for restorative health benefits both inside and out. Hankook Sauna is a place where you can pay a small amount to just sit and soak, and are given towels, a robe, and a locker key.  Once you ditch all your clothing, and lock away your belongings, just around the corner is a huge enclosed room that houses four jacuzzis, two steam rooms, showers, and a cold pool. After a soaking in the ginseng herbal tub, an attendant called me over for my scrub, and began by laying me down and pouring buckets of warm water over me. She scrubbed my entire body bit by bit, then applied lotion and washed my hair. After my treatment, I got in my robe and wandered to the Jade room, where the floors are heated and groups of women sat relaxing and chatting.

(Lounging on the heated floors in the Jade Room, post-scrub)

I was completely relaxed, and according to the Hankook Sauna, it has something to do with all the negative ions in the water. In less than a few hours, my stress had melted away and my skin was glowing and shiny. The scrub had cleared away dry, dead skin and I felt wonderful! The sauna also offers acupressure, mineral or milk massage, and a variety of beauty services like manicures, pedicures, and facials. Beyond the locker room is a large dressing area with lotions, Q-tips, and hair dryers. There is no need to pack everything, just your flip-flops and bottled water. If and when you do go to any sauna or spa, I recommend leaving all jewelry at home, as the waters can tarnish or ruin items.

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