Schools – Fairfax High School Under Construction

Last week, a Genesee Block meeting was held to discuss a couple of crime-related items affecting the Rosewood+Martel neighborhood. I was unable to attend but my neighbor Dennis DeMeo did and he gave me a quick recap. The major takeaway from the meeting is that Fairfax High School has started construction this week on building a new football field, demolishing the old bleachers. You may have noticed that the baseball field is currently being used to accomodate the flea market parking on Sundays. MacCarthy Construction will start working at 7am and all the vehicles should be exiting and entering through the Fairfax Avenue side of the school. The whole project should be done by February 2012. Joyce Kleifield, director of development, is our community contact person at Fairfax High school and can be reached here 323-370-1200 if there are any questions.