Shops – Gypset Dress Collection Launches at Des Kohan

(The spirit of Gypset. All photos by author.)

Author and journalist Julia Chaplin travels the globe, writing of adventures ranging from primitive cultures to the jet set, which led her to coin the phrase “gypset“ that she spun into the book Gypset Style. (Think of an upscale contingent who end up forming communities in remote places.) She recently launched Gypset clothing line at eclectic boutique DES KOHAN, which has the West Coast exclusive on carrying the five dresses. In bold, graphic prints, the line also reflect Chaplin’s love for Hawaiian and surf culture. (More on the fun event and spirited styles after the jump.)

(From left: Daniele Albright, Gypset’s Julia Chaplin, and Kelly Lamb)

Chaplin defined the spirited, raffia shouldered Gypset dress she was wearing as “disco primitive”and accessorized with Chloe heels and a purse she found in South Beach for $1, literally a hollowed coconut with a zipper down the middle.

(From left: Actress Monet Mazur, owner Desiree Kohan, Michelle Lane, and jewelry designer Annie Costello Brown)

(Textured inventory with Azzedine Alaia shoes displayed on a shelf, Preen, and a Juan Carlos vest worn over a Helmet Lang dress)

(The majority of guests also circled the jewelry table to try on gold ball chain rings and jewelry by Gabriela Artigas and Annie Costello Brown for DES KOHAN)

(Catered by Cobras & Matadors)

(Laura Sandler and Hilary Lindahl)

(A Raven Kauffman clutch, exclusive to DES KOHAN on top of restored vintage luggage. Check out the Kendall Conrad leather cuffs nestled next to Chaplin’s book.)

Chaplin expanded on Gypset’s bohemian aesthetic: “It’s about taking a lot of references from around the world and mixing them up in a jet lagged way… mixing up intention.” She traded travel tips with Balenciaga’s brand consultant Katherine Ross and her husband, LACMA’S Michael Govan as well as actress Monet Mazur. It’s too soon for the designer to predict her next collection, but she says she’ll be sticking to a fair weather concept with strictly resort styles.

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