Shops – Thvm’s New Retail and Art Space Features Some of LA’s Finest

(From left: The harp was a refreshing change from the usual event music; this work of art functioned as a dressing room)

Last Wednesday was the grand opening of Thvm‘s flagship store at 1317 Palmetto. I had seen the space just after Olga Nazarova, Brian Kim, and Bianca Guillen (the three heads behind the label) had started to work on it, and while the space is one of those amazing Downtown finds that are raw, industrial, and somehow personable at the same time, I loved how they put their signature on it. (Check out the interior, plus the other labels available there, after the jump).

(Thvm’s jeans collection. Love the detailed, handwritten labels made  for each style)

(Clockwise from top left: A bag by Cerre; unmistakably Raquel Allegra; both are positioned in a small room off the main hall for a really intimate feel. Beautiful!)

The trio decided to take in merchandise by some of their designer friends, besides offering their own jeans and tees (I especially love their original dyes, see image above). You’ll find amazing leather pieces by Cerre, Raquel Allegra‘s ethereal creations, Ladyboy‘s simple shoes, Annie Costello Brown‘s intricate jewelry, Endovanera‘s clean designs, among others.

(Clockwise: Ladyboy shoes; Annie Costello Brown pieces; a layout of Thvm’s newest magazine, Thvm Rag)

It’s obvious that every little thing—from placement to decorations to lighting—was lovingly put together. Candles, lots of wood, and heavy ironworks give the interior a rustic ambiance while intimate rooms are a pleasant contrast to the generously spaced main hall. I highly recommend stopping by and checking this out.

(The entrance)

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