Shops – A Look At The New Lifestyle Store Undiscovered

(The small but greatly edited clothing section)

I will add Undiscovered to my list of places to regularly check in. Just having opened a few weeks ago in the space right by Heist at 1104 Abbot Kinney (both stores belong to owner Nilou Ghodsi), the store features a mix of merchandise ranging from books to clothes, furniture to art, candles to jewelry. Sounds familiar? True, this concept is being sported by quite a few boutiques in that area of Venice but that’s probably for a reason: it’s a lot of fun to explore these establishments since you’re bound to find something for everyone. (More pics of the inside as well as details on the merch after the jump.)

(If you need a coffee table book, this is the place to look. The flaming red chair is also for sale)

(The home section)

I first took a closer look at their selection of coffee table books and found a good amount of fashion-themed works. The book Stylist, $75, about the most influential stylists working today, is my favorite.

(There’s a second level in the back of the store, perfect for featuring the work of artists)

(This handmade jewelry by Hazienda Montaevisto, made in Mexico, starts at $250)

(I was very intrigued by the patterns and colors of these blankets)

A lot of the clothes were right up my alley. Obviously, someone had consciously chosen pieces for the fashion-aware Westside customer. The price point averages a bit lower than at Heist, but there’s definitely some crossover in regards to which designers are represented: jersey dresses with slender silhouettes tied with a narrow jute belt by Christina Lehr, $89; super soft classic tee-shirts by Monrow, $65-$74; comfortable yet chic cashmere cardigans by 360 Sweater, $275; but also more accentuated pieces like Vanessa Bruno bodysuits. A special note goes to their lingerie selection. I found an exquisite Raquel Allegra bustier, $175, and also feminine, yet modern pieces from the Danish label Hoff by Hoff (a nightie was $155).

(Aren’t these beautiful?)

(Modern Alchemy’s candles smell amazing)

On the opposite side of the store is the home section containing a large selection of scented candles as well as towels, artwork by photographer Leila Brewster (Undiscovered plans on featuring a different artist every couple of months), and a small collection of greenery. I’m not a fan of scented candles but Modern Alchemy‘s Seven Deadly Sins, $47 each, has an interesting smell and in no way overpowering.

(Vintage looking landscape by Leila Brewster)

One of the associates told me that they’re planning to add a menswear lounge section in the near future as well as expand on apparel since it has been selling much better than anticipated. As I said earlier, I’m for sure going to be checking in again soon.

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