Beauty – ULTRA Sound at The Four Seasons Beverly Hills Spa

By Nora Zelevansky

There are average skincare treatments and, then, there are ULTRA facials. Just ask The Four Seasons Beverly Hills Spa: For awards season, they’ve launched new signature services like the jam-packed Regenerating Facial, which combines cutting-edge anti-aging sound wave treatments administered via a special aesthetic ULTRA Machine with star products from Kerstin Florian’s Correcting line… (The experience after the jump.)

First, after a face steam and hand massage atop a heated table, experience a sonic microderm abrasion sans, well, the abrasion. Instead, a smooth wand drags along the surface of Kerstin Florian peel-slathered skin for exfoliation minus irritated redness.

Necessary impurities properly extracted, an Anti-Gravity Lift—during which charged wands kneed the skin—reminds muscles to stand tall.

Then, after a face massage with cooled globes, LED lights (antibacterial blue for acne; red for plumping) are flashed across the skin’s surface before a Kerstin Florian serum (like C Plus Infusion) is applied using a charged wand for 4000-times the usual penetration.

The treatment culminates in a scalp massage, cucumber water and the spa’s signature chocolate, all of which is ULTRA good.

300 S. Doheny Dr., Beverly Hills, 310-786-2229; $305

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