Shops – Beau + Aero Combines Ethnic Beauty With Vintage Charm

(This is one of the coolest decoration ideas I’ve seen)

We introduced Beau + Aero owner Jessica and Baelyn late last year within our posts about A Current Affair, but I wanted to share with you a close look at their boutique at 2307 Main Street in Santa Monica, which they opened a few months ago. They are located just north of Urth Caffe, in a charming space that the duo meticulously renovated and decorated to capture their aesthetic. “We even made the lightbulbs ourselves, a thing I never thought I’d do but the ones we wanted were so outrageously expensive that we had no choice,” Baelyn recalls. (The clothes, the deco, and the jewels after the jump).

(The rustic ceiling is unique and sets the tone for the atmosphere)

(It’s not a huge space, which is actually nice so you don’t get overwhelmed)

I’m already taken by the wonderful stable door of the vintage boutique, featuring a separately opening top and a bottom. This quirkiness sets the tone for what follows: a mix of vintage, ranging from classic Dior and Marc Jacobs sweaters, Ralph Lauren blazers, Armani vests, and DKNY cardigans to ecclectic no-name pieces can be found on the racks.

(There’s a small seating area with artist Brandon Boyd’s brilliant artwork on the wall; love the lingerie section!)

I loved the small lingerie section, featuring intricate slips and old fashioned panties in the softest silks. The shoe selection is also quite extensive and contains a lot of classic models, rather than loud color-popping pieces. It’s just fun taking your time to discover all the little treasures that are so lovingly draped and placed around the store, the dinosaur and skeleton decorations being one of my favorites!

(A small sampling of the boutiques unique merchandise)

Another items worth mentioning: There is a small selection of perfume oils, three to be exact. They are by Line of Sebastian, and contain no alcohol, only pure perfume oils. The three scents – one containing Gardenia, a chocolate musky scent, and a woodsy variation – were all very appealing and priced at $37.50 I found them reasonable and well worth it. Opening hours are Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 7pm, and Sunday 12 – 6pm.

(Jessica and Baelyn manage to mix vintage with ethnic pieces)

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