Travels – Dining Firsts at Roger La Grenouille Restaurant

(Seared rib steak in Bearnaise sauce)

Writer Jennifer Scott of the blog The Daily Connoisseur recommended that we check out Roger La Grenouille Restaurant located at 28, rue des Grands Augustins. I had no idea what to expect. The only time I’ve ever eaten French food was in Vietnam and that was six years ago. Since we didn’t have reservations, we arrived early and within a half hour, every table was occupied. The specialty of the house—frog legs. I was up for the challenge. (A dessert to end all desserts after the jump.)

(For starters, whipped tomato)

(Fried frog legs)

(Duck foie gras creme brulee)

We started off with frog legs and foie gras. The frog legs tasted like chicken and the foie gras had a sweet layer of honey. I must confess, I was nervous to try the frog legs but everything tastes good fried. They also served us a whipped tomato shot (I can’t recall the name) which was delicious.

(Seared sea bass fillet with courgette)


For the entree, I had the prime cut of beef steak in Bourguignonne sauce. The meal was so rich but the portion of the serving was small enough that I didn’t feel like a glutton. My husband ordered the sea bass, which also was light.

(“Mille Feulles” light pastry with pistachio mousse and black chocolate)

As for dessert, it was pure heaven. The “Mille Feulles” consisted of pastry filled with pistachio mouse and layers of black chocolate. Bitter and sweet. Can I please have this shipped back home?

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