Labels – Them Atelier’s Innovative, Artistic Approach

(One of my favorite washes of the Fall collection)

There’s much to love about denim label Them Atelier: First off, the product—offering both men’s- and womenswear—Them keeps the number of styles available limited. It’s a great mix of innovative cuts for the fashion-forward or classic shapes for the understated-minded. The same goes for the washes, basic black is certainly part of the repertoire, but I especially love the innovative tie-dye reminiscent designs. There is also a limited number of tees available, whose designs are distinct yet simple through unique tailoring and details.  (Find out about pricing and the people behind the label after the jump).

(Classic and cool)

Second, the price. $85 for a pair is a statement in and off itself, and much welcomed in this segment of the market.

(Beautiful deconstruction )

Third, the people behind it. Olga Nazarova, Bianca Guillen and Brian Kim are part of the Eastside’s incredible creative community, and it shows not only in their distinct take on denim, but also in their collaborative approach, incorporating other artist’s vision into their work. For their Autumn 2010/11 collection, visual artist Leslie Shows‘ images are the cornerstone. Their Summer 2011 lookbook is a visual stunner shot by photographer Eliot Lee Hazel. And the label just opened its flagship store at 1317 Palmetto Street in Downtown LA, which, of course, is also an art space showcasing work by their creative peers.

(Work by Leslie Shows, left, and Them’s take on it, right)

(Another Leslie Shows inspiration)

(Eliot Lee Hazel’s photography for the labels SS 2011 lookbook)

Lastly, the trio also publishes a magazine, Them Rag. Created in conglomeration with their abundantly talented fellow artists, the pages reflect a very specific view of Los Angeles, filled with work of local artists ranging from writers, illustrators, gallery owners, designers, to photographers. It sheds much needed light on the incredible talent pool that we can be lucky to have in this city.

(Them Rag magazine excerpt)

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