Portraits – Clayton and Flavie Webster of Cerre

Occupation: Fashion designer

Address: 1647 N Las Palmas Ave, Hollywood, CA 90028. www.cerre.com

Whe we like them: Hands down one of my favorite designers. Flavie and Clayton combine a strong aesthetic (restrained, focused, modern) with superb craftsmanship and use of highest quality materials. Having started with a small collection of leather bags a few years ago, the couple slowly expanded into apparel (also leather based). Recently they added other materials to their repertoire, and design classics, such as a slim fitting pant and a translucent blouse, which complement their statement pieces. New for the Summer 2011 collection is a small selection of silk jersey tees. (Take a look at their Summer 2011 collection and find out about their LA favorites after the jump).

Where are you from? I am from Newport Beach and Flavie is from Bordeaux.

How long have you lived here? We moved to LA three years ago.

Where do you live in LA? Los Feliz

Favorite Restaurant in your hood: Figaro Cafe

This place makes the best coffee/tea: Antebellum (tea only)

Coolest store: Cerre of course; also Scout and Silverlake Salvage

And that’s what I bought there: Great unexpected vintage finds at Scout and little rusted bits and pieces from Silverlake Salvage.

First three adjectives that come to mind when describing your neighborhood: Is Yoga Mom an adjective?

Favorite LA artist: Axl Rose, Frank Zappa

Best kept secret about your neighborhood: Squaresville and Trails but please keep them a secret.

When I need a time-out I go to: Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, Laguna Beach.

The one thing that’s a must-see in LA: I think LA is more about experiences than attractions.

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