Designers – Albert Chu’s Otaat Totes Take Form and Function to New Places

Introducing Otaat, a unique line of bags made of natural heavyweight cotton canvas. These quirky pieces reconceptualize the traditional uses and scenarios of various carrier types by rethinking their contents, accessibility, containment, and shapes. Designed by Albert Chu, who received his M.Arch from Harvard University Graduate School of Design, these works of art aim to be quiet statements of form and function. The four bags—the Bagby, Tu Bag, Oak Bag, and Fo Bag—are limited edition “objets” by young designers who have made curious and usable products that are logical. The first batch of bags are limited 50 and will set the stage for future tweaks and twists of the products, as well as upcoming collaborations. Support your local L.A. tote maker, and friend them on Facebook here… (My favorite bag after the jump.)

The Oak Bag, made for the active creative professional, creative active professional, professional active creative, et al, who needs professional grace during meetings with large books, binders, and drawings and who needs quick-stow capabilities for post-exercise routines. Features pocket with brass zipper, angled straps for efficient load transfer, and side flaps to keep items in place. Retail: $120

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