Inspirations – Into The Woods With Artist Patrick Dougherty

(Clockwise from left: Patrick Dougherty’s “Childhood Dreams,” actress Dakota Fanning in Dries Von Noten for Vogue; Dougherty’s ” Spinoffs”)

Installation artist Patrick Dougherty‘s creations are fantastical, child-like and definitely not of this world. Working mainly with twigs and branches, the artists manipulates them to form epic installations that seem to sweep in and nestle in this world. Back in 2007, Max Azria invited the artist to create an installation that would engulf is then new boutique on Melrose Avenue. I made it a point to always walk or drive by the store to view the piece. It truly was breathtaking, a place where surely ethereal sprites dressed in Dries van Noten and Alexander McQueen would live. (A journey through Patrick’s vision of the world after the jump.)

(The start of my inspiration: Patrick’s installation for Max Azria)

(“Close Ties” installation in Scottish Highlands)

(From left: “Toad Hall” in Santa Barbara; a spring 2011 look from Alexander McQueen)

(“The Summer Place” installation in Philadelphia)

(From left: Dougherty’s image on his resume; a portrait taken by Backyard Bill of Quetzal Saunders)

(Clockwise from top: “Standby” in North Carolina; “Around The Corner” in Indiana; “Sortie de Cave” in France. Installation images courtesy of Patrick Dougherty)

(The artist in Sculpture In the Parklands, Ireland)

I was so heartbroken when Max Azria destroyed the piece and replaced it with a Final Cut outlet and ugly stripes. But at least Patrick Dougherty’s new book Stickwork is available, featuring more than 200 images of his work. The hardcover version has become such a hit that it’s now on backorder. While I wait for my order, can someone please employ the artist to do another installation in LA?

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