Events – Extraordinary Dressing and Chanel in Abundance at Santa Monica Vintage Fashion Expo

(San Francisco’s Decades of Fashion owner Cicely Ann Hansen in her booth)

I’m not saving the best for last this time, because one of the coolest things of the Santa Monica Vintage Expo are the people you see there. How great is this woman’s look? And these ladies and gents sure look quite good as well… (The well-heeled crew and great finds after the jump.)

(Really cool to see visitors dressed this chic)

Of course, there are plenty of regular folks (I would count myself into that group) strolling around, but I thoroughly enjoyed the  people watching and the travel back in time it allowed me to do. In regards to the fair itself, as expected the offerings were more than plentiful, and the couple of hours I spent there didn’t even leave me enough time to make my rounds once. Any aspect of vintage is represented, from 18th century to 1980s, from your $10 knick-knack to the multi-thousand-dollar dress. I did notice an overwhelming amount of Chanel goods across the fair, at least in regards to accessories and shoes.

(Chanel was everywhere: The slippers top left were $150 and available at Elizabeth Gagadon’s booth, who is at the Melrose Trading Post on Sundays, in the “A” section)

My most special find was in the bridal sector, aren’t those accessories to die for? The tiny chair is from the late 18th century in France, and was used to display the wedding tiara on.

(All these treasures are available at Victorian Dreams, owned by Gail Pierson, 818-370-9780. Top: ’50s flower tiara $145, handmade wax wedding bouquet from the 1920s, $295, veil and tiara from the ’30s, $155, French tiara chair from the late 1800s—they only used these in France—$298)

And here are my other favorites:

(Clockwise from top left: Monkey cape, $850, from Elizabeth Gabaldon; napoleon-esque Jacket, $90 at Nakia Vintashee; vintage Italian wool wrap, $375, available at Phyllis Karr; Prada boots, $110, available at Elizabeth Gabaldon, Italian sun hat, $95, available at Eva Linowski from Santa Barbara)

The next Santa Monica Vintage Expo is February 5th/6th, but check out the Vintage Clothing & Textile Show in the Pickwick Gardens in Burbank on October 31st (detailed info on our Sales Calendar) if you need a quicker fix.

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