Shops – Vintage Haven The Warehouse Opens in Echo Park

This past weekend marked the grand opening of vintage wonderland The Warehouse.  You might remember this shop known formerly as Warwick, which was up the street sandwiched between the Little Joy and Short Stop.  The shop has moved on to a bigger and better things over at 197 West Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park.  I had a chance to stop by this past weekend and speak with owner Justin Warwick right before his big opening and from our conversation it sounds like he has big plans for this space!… (Tailoring and movie screenings after the jump.)

Justin Warwick has been collecting vintage pieces since the age of 14 and it appears he enjoys nothing more than sharing them with the world. Upon entering The Warehouse, you immediately feel that the person behind the store has a lot of love for all things old and stylish. From re-worked vintage dresses, mid-century modern furniture and succulents aplenty, you’ll find a surprise waiting for you in every nook and cranny of this space.

My favorite aspect of this store which isn’t offered at most vintage boutiques, is that you have the option to have your clothes tailored to perfection. How many times have you been dissuaded from a purchase just because of the length isn’t quite right? No problem at The Warehouse because everything can be customized.

(Leopard vintage glassware)

Plans of movie screenings are in the near future and there is no doubt lots more in store for this vintage mecca, so make sure you sign up for their email list here. Follow them on twitter here.

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