Events – A Current Affair Turns Vintage Shopping Into a Full Blown Relationship

(Excellent finds from Walnut Creek-based Vintage Vogue)

Vintage shopping is one of those things I’d like to do more of but since it takes a bit of time and patience to dig through the treasures, I usually can’t fit it into my schedule. That’s why I was looking forward to A Current Affair, an event that took place a couple of weeks ago that offered the best of LA vintage in one spot. Vendors included Scout, LA Vintage Exchange, Found By, and Richard Wainwright, all based in LA, as well as a few out-of-town visitors like Vintage Vogue from Walnut Creek and Mercy Vintage from Oakland. Check out the goods…

(Vintage Chanel tank top,$85,  from Show Pony)

What can I say? I had a great time! All the exhibitors had tightly edited their offerings, so that practically every piece was extraordinary. The price range of the goods was very wide, from the $,1100 Halston dress to the $85 Chanel top, so that even for the cautious vintage novice, the bar wasn’t set too high to start indulging in a new love affair.

Here were my top picks:

(Halston dress, $1,100, from Siren Vintage)

(Blue dress from Scout, $140)

(Oscar de la Renta dress, $850, from Richard Wainwright)

(Dolce & Gabbana dress, $749, from Beverly Hills-based store Sequels)

(An Issey Miyake burlap bag)

The atmosphere was relaxed and casual, which gave me the chance to chat with private vintage dealer Richard Wainwright who organized the event together with Joey Grana of Scout. “This is an Issey Miyaki burlap bag from 1982 (see image above), it’s so amazing! This show gives everyone the opportunity to showcase their best and most interesting pieces as well as approach a customer base that usually might not shop vintage,” says Wainwright.

(These purses are all made of wooden beads and come from Czechoslovakia. They’re chic and very ethnic at the same time. Prices ranged from $90 to $150)

(Andrea Guiterrez’s beaded bracelets)

Besides vintage, there were also pieces from contemporary designers who work with vintage materials, one of which especially impressed me: The bracelets by Andrea Guiterrez were inspired by and partially made of pearls from vintage purses. They were so intricate with a nice weight to them. It comes to no surprise that she already has a solid celebrity following. Unfortunately, the quality comes with a pretty stiff price tag, but deservedly so.

If you’ve missed the show, don’t worry. The next installment is happening on Saturday, December 4, just in time for Christmas shopping (that can also include Christmas shopping for yourself).

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