Events – Xino Luncheon and CB2 Preview At Santa Monica Place

(Online vintage owner Brenna Egan, of Chic And You Shall Find, wears a pretty vintage dress)

Like Christina, I too headed over to Santa Monica Place last Thursday to get a sneak peak of the new mall before it opened to the public. First, there was a luncheon benefiting the P.S. Arts at the Xino Restaurant, then a press preview of the new CB2 store. How strange was it that I couldn’t recall what Santa Monica Place looked like before? The new shopping destination is so open and airy with views of the water, a nice welcome addition to the area. (A view of the Xino deck, and more, after the jump.)

(Partygoers sipping Bellinis on the Xino deck)

(“Malcolm in the Middle” actor/DJ Christopher Masterson spins the tunes)

(Guests show off their Minx Nails. I want to try!)

(CB2′s shaggy pillow, $39.95)

(Long windows give the space a more open feel)

(Love this knitted pouf, $79.95)

(Interesting George Washington print)

(Two-level shop is filled with trinkets)

As I was escorted to the Xino restaurant, there were still a lot of construction being done to the place. If I had to choose one word to describe the new mall it would be airy. It no longer looked dark and old but light-filled. At the luncheon, guests were treated to Xino food and drinks while listening to music on the deck. The weather was perfect to enjoy the views.

After the luncheon, I headed over to CB2 to preview their new store. I don’t get to the CB2 store closest to me on Sunset often. I’ve forgotten how affordable and covetable the items are. I love the color combinations and the knitted pouf is an easy solution for a small home. Hopefully, the crowds will die down and I’ll come back to do serious shopping.

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