Sites – 2Modern Talks Design and I’m Listening

I’ve been a longtime fan of Mill Valley-based online furniture and decor shop 2Modern. The peeps behind the e-shop also do a stellar job with their 2Modern Design Talk blog, at times highlighting new merch and designers they carry, but mostly giving shine to cool modern design around the web. From cheeky art to spectacular architecture, you’ll find out about something new and inspiring or just plain smile-inducing… (More from the blog after the jump.)

(First image, clockwise from top left: A chuckle-worthy kitty bed; Michael Valliquette’s spectacular paper art; spices never looked so good; moody mugs by London-based design studio Thabto.)

(Clockwise from top left: retro trailers look cinematic; the coolest hammock I’ve ever seen, designed by Erik Nyberg and Gustav Strom; “Little People in the City” by British artist Slinkachu give you new perspective.)

This might sound odd, but before 2Modern’s blog, I thought of 2Modern as completely aspirational—i.e., expensive and out of reach—but somehow the blog makes it all seem a little more accessible. It must say something about the power of human “interaction” (me reading what some person has written from their point of view) because I still can’t afford this simply beautiful MASH Studios desk. Or perhaps it’s just all relative—compared with the abode that would go along with the amazing hammock above, the $840 desk seems ever-so-slightly closer in reach.

(Very cool, I dig this chalkboard-like face watch by Rolf Sachs, left, and Zaha Hadid’s The King Abdullah II House of Culture and Art is located at center of Amman, Jordan, right.)

(Clockwise from top left: Quinze & Milan and Eastpak collab to create this backpack sofa; inventive Diagofocus fireplace by Focus; Il laboratorio dell’imperfetto offers a new take on furniture.)

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