Sites – Strip Your Wardrobe Down to the Basics with Vogel10

(A selection of the collection for June)

As I’m getting ready for my trip to Germany and Italy, of course I’m starting to think about what to pack. Versatility is a must, as I like to travel light (to have room to bring back tons of goodies from Europe). Easy dressing is a priority as well, pieces that are comfortable and classy at the same time. Now I recently got wind of Vogel10, where designer Vanessa Vogel (formerly of Park Vogel) has a unique approach to enriching your wardrobe: based on the concept that you really wear only about ten pieces of clothing over and over, each month Vanessa introduces ten items (seven clothing pieces that she designs and three jewelry pieces from different accessory designers), that all mix and match with each other to provide you with endless styling options.

(And here is April)

Featherlight tees, easy cardigans, breezy dresses —it’s all there. My favorites so far are the Derby hat ($65, June collection), the sleeveless sheath ($150, March), and the cashmere scarf ($90, April).

(Clockwise from top left: Rice bag, $20, cashmere scarf, $90, Derby hat,$65, sheath dress, $150)

Of course, this concept works for your everyday dressing needs as well, especially here in LA, where we often have to go from daywear straight to evening attire without the luxury of going home to change in between, where the temperature drop at night demands to always have additional layers with you, and unfussy but distinct styling is a way of life.

(Clockwise from top left: bikini, $176  , wrap skirt, $165, leather necklaces, $172, tank top, $45 )

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