Designers – apliiq’s Lakers and Celtics Tees Are Right on Time

— Text by Nick Adams

With both the Lakers and Celtics cruising in game one of their respective series, it looks like we might be headed for another clash of professional basketball’s titans. LA-based brand apliiq is ahead of the curve with its new summer solids line of unisex tees and ladies racerback tanks. The HelLA Pride Tee (shown left, $29) is striking with its purple pocket and patch floating in a sea of gold. The Boston Gardens Tee (shown right, $29) and Tank (also $29)  showcases the classic kelly green and white color scheme that all Angelenos have come to know and hate.

My suggestion to the guys at apliiq? Send a few boxes of the HelLA Pride in XXL down to Staples in time for the parade and get some free publicity. Enter “LAlove” at checkout for 10% off your apliiq purchase!

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