Portraits – Fashion Designer Gregory Parkinson

Occupation: Fashion designer

Address: GregoryParkinson.com

Why we like him: Beautiful hues—bold and saturated to soft and pastel—combined in creative, unique patterns are this fashion designer’s signature, and have earned him worldwide recognition. Parkinson’s exquisite use of materials for his feminine and unfussy designs make his pieces easy to wear and perfect for day or night. A few questions with Gregory, after the jump.

Where are you from? Lancashire in northern England

How long have you lived here? A lifetime, 21 years!

Where do you live in LA? Smack bang in the middle.

What do you like best about your neighborhood? It is close to the things I do here in LA.

Favorite thing to do in Los Angeles? The obvious things—eating outside in the winter months, state beaches, going to my friends’ houses and, of course, the Hollywood Farmers Market has become the spine of the city. Also, leaving LA and then returning…especially in the winter.

What do you like most about your job? That it’s my baby and has been my source of income for 16 years, and I feel like I’m just hitting my stride, constant evolution.

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