Fast Fashions – Zara Kids Opens at the Farmers Market

Oh my. Should I even try to squeeze into these mini-Zara creations? I’m so tempted after checking out the just-opened section of Zara Kids located upstairs in the Zara store. Tasha mentioned the new Farmers Market addition back in January and they finally opened over the weekend. Check out more tiny fashions you’ll want to wear, after the jump.

The addition is filled with apparel girls and boys love: sequin, bows, hearts, graphic tees and rainbow colors. Prices range from $16.90 for a striped, sailor t-shirt to $32 for a Stella McCartney-esque dress. There are also mini-Zara version of sandals and shoes. I did feel that the selection for girls are far more interesting than the boys. My sentiment was echoed by a mother who kept cooing over the dresses while her son screamed for attention.

A shopgirl said customers are trickling in and purchasing mostly the adorable “Sweetest Flower Out There” tee, pictured above. Sizes go up to 14, if you’re thinking of squeezing in. (More options, with some very 80s-looking, collar shirts for boys, on the next page.)

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