Arts – Andreas Gursky at Gagosian Gallery Through May 1

(A guest at the Gursky opening taking in “Pyongyang 1″)

Trying to honor the warning of a fellow blogger to arrive for the opening of the Andreas Gursky exhibit early, “because everyone’s in town for the Oscars,” I approached the Gagosian Gallery in a bit of a hurry, since I ended up not making it before 7pm (the event had started at 6pm). Expecting to see a huge line out the door, I was relieved that the new expanded space of the Gagosian had no problem holding the crowd of a few hundred people that had gathered… (The celeb wattage and more on the exhibit after the jump.)

(A piece of Gursky’s “Ocean” series)

I recognized producer Brian Grazer and actor Adrien Brody, and a few other faces looked familiar, so I’m sure the celebrity quota was quite high. Exhibited photographs included a new series of the artist called “Ocean,” for which Gursky worked with satellite images of the world, as well as selected pieces from his last 20 years, including one of my personal favorites, the Pyongyang 1, which depicts the Arirang festival in North Korea to celebrate Kim Il Sung’s birthday. But I’ll have to come back another day to really be able to take in these pieces appropriately, and also watch the one-hour documentary about the artist that is being continuously screened in one of the gallery’s side rooms. Gagosian Gallery, March 4 – May 1, Tue-Sat 10-5:30, 456 North Camden Drive, Beverly Hills.

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